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More on the purpose of this site

The purpose of this site is to demonstrate that there are many different ways you could theorize on how Biblical accounts could fit with what scientists report to us.

It is not the intention of this site to put forward a single theory and claim that it is the ultimate or only possible correct theory. There is no point in that since things happened the way they happened, regardless of what we think or conclude.

I believe that once a person dies it will be shown to the person how everything was done probably instantly upon arrival. At that moment you will have all your questions answered.

The purpose of this site is therefore to see if answers can be arrived at by thinking in a non standard way. I am of the view that it is possible.

Among other things it should be noted that the Bible - if divinely planned - would have had a multitude of audiences in mind spanning thousands of years. The accounts recorded would have had to have been believable throughout to a multitude of peoples with varying levels of knowledge.

Also science and scientists have at times abandoned well accepted theories for others, sometimes only after much resistance. You could stake the future of your eternal soul on a theory that is currently held as a fact only to be discarded in future. There is nothing permanently certain about science and unfortunately we cannot predict future conclusions. It is unfortunately the nature of a new discovery that you cannot know what it will be. It could be revolutionary and change our perception of everything. You should consider the fact that you live at a moment in history where again scientific consensus was wrong on certain things, as it has been before. You may be living at the wrong time.

Therefore you owe it to yourself to be brave and think for yourself. Think beyond science, beyond culture and feelings. All these things change.