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Searching Deeper

This is a site dedicated to thinking outside the box while looking for answers related to things like whether God exists, the origins of humans, evolution, creation and the reasons for existence. There is a section "Searching For Miracles and Supernatural Healings" - searching for documented healings after people prayed to Jesus for healing. The idea being that if such healings really took place it would confirm that there is a God and that Jesus is real. Some prophecies in the Bible are also discussed. 


More on the purpose of this site

No deep thought

It may sound thought through but sometimes it is not

Limiting the debate

Creating a proof does not change reality

Understanding the objective

The goal determines everything

God is good. God is all powerful. Bad things happen. Therefore God does not exist. 

No, you misunderstood, the goal is free will

Why did God create us and why is faith so important?

The big picture

The Predicted Name of the Messiah, His Predicted Rebuilding of the Temple and the Tongues of Fire on Pentecost as Proof of that

An analysis of some prophecies about the Messiah

Genesis, Creation and Evolution

How was it done in six days and billions of years?

Death, Christianity and the Fossil Record

Some thoughts

Searching For Miracles and Supernatural Healings

If we can find even just a few then it proves that God exists.

Christianity 101

How to be right with God / How to go to heaven

Answered Prayer

Some examples of answered prayers listed for those who say prayers are never answered