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Limiting The Debate

Creating a proof does not change reality

Many debates center around all kinds of technical issues on what should be allowed in a debate and what are wrong ways of reasoning. However the truth is the truth. Whether you know how to prove or debate about it or not.

If we decided to debate on whether the earth is round or flat we could agree to only look at the square meter around us since that is the only thing we could positively verify is real, and so we could maybe decide that based on that we have to say the earth is flat due to the fact that we do not have any contrary evidence and since all conclusions must be based on experiments that can be replicated.

This is of course an absurd example - we know the earth is round. However the point is that the construct we agree on to try to arrive at a conclusion does not influence reality. There is no point in trying to prove the earth is flat. You might be able to prove it in some strange way but it doesn’t help you. The objective reality is it is round. Proofs do not change reality. We should try to find objective reality. It is no use to somehow prove God does not exist if He does exist. Then we have achieved nothing. The only thing is to try to figure out whether He exists.