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No Deep Thought

It may sound thought through but sometimes it is not.

It looks like it often happens that we repeat phrases we hear from the media and other people without looking into it ourselves. I saw that even watching a lot of tv series can start influencing my worldview and beliefs even though the series are fictional. This is very dangerous because it seems humans build up group opinions that feels correct because it is the majority view and we repeat it to each other without really thinking about it deeply. Going against these group ideas often feels wrong and can be very hard.

I remember while I was not in a church for a while how a female student once came up to me and talked to me about Jesus. I gave her a lot of technical answers why I wasn’t sure that Jesus was real but five minutes after she left I just continued on with my own things and thoughts. The things I said I just thought up right there on the spot based on some vague notions derived from the general community thought patterns and bitterness in my heart. I am convinced that many people do the same. To her it must have sounded like I had really put a lot of thought into the whole thing.