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Searching For Miracles and Supernatural Healings

If we can find even just a few then it proves that God exists.

Searching for miracles and healings - if there is a God and if He is willing to interact with humans there should be some proof of such interaction. Taking into account that one of the design premises of our world is not to force humans to believe but to find those who are willing to, such events will need to be searched for.

I have searched for this over the years and I really am convinced that I have found some - mostly in terms of supernatural healings. I will start to list some of these findings below.

You will often hear that people say that there are no medically documented healings. However I have found some, so I am not sure how they arrive at such a statement. I can only speculate that most people that say that, repeat what they have heard from others without checking. I also think that people do not fully think through what documentation they actually have in mind. 

Many people that get healed supernaturally find improvement and that is the end of the story as far as they are concerned. They believe in God already and they are not involved in debates about such things as whether God exists or not. They often don't bother to record such events and they often forget that they were healed themselves.

Some people will state that the only healings that take place are ambigious healings that could have happened by other means too. They will say that the person that was healed was praying and using medication and was actually healed by the medication or by luck via spontaneous remission. Therefore they say that the person falsely attributes the healing to God. I am sure that there are such cases, however there are many cases where this was very clearly not the case at all.

Lastly, when there are witnesses to an obvious healing - medical documentation is not always needed. If people report somebody was blind and then they report that now the person can see, if they knew the person, chances are that they are correct. Testimonies can be just as valid as medical reports.

In addition to all the below I have set up a page with examples of answered prayers from my own life and others. These can also be counted as supernatural events:

Examples of Answered Prayer

Case 1: Marlene Kleepes - healed from cerebral palsey

This lady had cerebral palsy. she was severly affected. She struggled to talk and to move around, had seizures and worse. I add two links below. The first is a documentary and the second is an interview with her about the healing.

Below find an article that she wrote about her healing a year after the event. At the end there is a bit of coroboration that was done by somebody that contacted the clinic she was at before her healing.

From the May 1982 issue of "Message of the Open Bible" pages 6 to 8.

Case 2: Marolyn Ford - healed from blindness. 

She started to lose her central vision aged 18. She was diagnosed with Juvenile Macular Degeneration. The doctor concluded that there was no treatment available.

She went for training of the blind. See the certificate below.